Unrelated Mondays: Hello Kitty Collection

My display

My display!  More photos behind the cut.

Good evening, followers. Welcome aboard to my recent readers — your support is appreciated greatly!

I thought it might be fun to include a day where I take the time to write just about anything. Mondays are mundane (hehe, do you like that one?) for most of our population, so we don’t we add a little spice to this one? In the future, every Monday, I will be posting whatever comes to mind! This can be altered, however, with the ultimate power of… YOU!

Please feel free to leave a comment below stating a specific topic you would like information on. I will do my best to research and present the subject to the best of my ability. This could be anything, literally — social justice issues, beauty product reviews, photography, mental health, fitness, crafting, geekiness, fish, your dog’s tail… you name it. I want to get to know you. So pick one! If I have several comments I will choose a topic at random and hit the others the following weeks.

Now without much further ado, I present to you something that has given me much emotional healing over the years. Some might say it’s childish, but I prefer to believe you’re never too old to appreciate something cute. Looking at these little plushies and toys makes me feel good, and collecting individual pieces brings back nostalgia of better times when I’m struggling. Sanrio was founded in 1960 and is STILL kicking, so I don’t think it’ll go out of style any time soon. My favorite character is of course, the so very popular ‘Hello Kitty’. She debuted her little self in 1974 and has been recognized as the poster girl for Sanrio ever since. Continue reading