Dear Bipolar Mom: You Are a Star

You have learned to cope with your illness, no matter how far a “normal” day may seem out of reach. You have spent countless, sleepless nights on the verge of tears, mania, and anger – all while trying to stay put on the roller coaster of parenthood that whips you around faster that any mood swing you’ve ever been through. Some days you’re strong, others… Not so much. But that baby… Oh, that baby, who is sleeping so soundly in your arms, who is comforted by your scent, your smiles, your hard work… They make every day worth trying without regret, don’t they?

Sometimes you are hard on yourself. Sometimes you wonder if you’re a bad parent, because your anxiety, sadness, or anger swell up inside you. Sometimes you worry yourself sick that one day you’ll lose it around them, and it terrifies you. But you don’t, and I’m so proud of you. You deserve to have children, and you are a fantastic mother, with limitless sacrifice and love, because you put your baby first even when your mind is in shambles.

Please don’t doubt your ability as a mother. You’re juggling more than most would understand, and I’m so proud of you. Be proud of yourself, and remember that your illness doesn’t make you weak – managing it for the benefit of your child (and you!) is an inside AND outside job, and the emotional and physical exhaustion should not be taken lightly. Give yourself a break, and take a deep breath. You are strong, at peace with your medication, and striving to do better whenever you can. You are lovely; you are an inspiration to your breathtaking baby.

You are a star.