Before and After

Last night I took to writing longhand after experiencing what now seems to have been, basically, an adult temper tantrum (I couldn’t fall back asleep – woke up at 2:00 AM and started to lose it around 4:00AM… Yes, it really does make me flip out) I’ve begun to wonder just how much of bipolar disorder is merely a character flaw just like anything else – something I must continue to work through and recognize as a problem. People would probably disagree with me but sometimes I’m just not sure anymore. It is never something to lean on/manipulate with/or abuse… But I’ve been guilty of all three.

After reading what I wrote, it’s hard to believe any of it came out of me at all. The words are harsh but sad. I remember there were times I stopped my pen and asked myself, “Why are you even writing this?” Which is great — I believe that was conviction of the Holy Spirit. Illness is a drainer. Illness insomniatic. I struggled for hours last night feeling so ashamed for the stress I might have put on my child. To be completely frank, he/she is helping! I hate knowing I’m responsible for two beating hearts – so if when I cry and my heart races, I hate knowing I could be causing internal damage to something so incredibly precious to me. So in a nutshell, all the better motivation/reason to stay under control and just say NO. I never wanted my child to see me cry, but they’re feeling it in the womb.

I hope they don’t fall into this thing of mine. I hope they can look at me and see strength, maturity, patience and love.

As Creed so wonderfully puts it in “With Arms Wide Open”…

I hope he’s not like me, I hope he understands.


2 thoughts on “Before and After

  1. This morning I couldn’t stop crying. All 3 of my kids asked what was wrong. Nothing I said, I was just broken today and I’d be fine. They all gave me hugs said they understood and got ready for the day just a little nicer. A diabetic will always have to watch that insulin levels a person with thyroid condition will always have to take pillsa person with bipolar will always have to watch there moods. it’s an illness and it’s a personality trait as much as bipolar sucks people with bipolar tend to be very passionate and very empathetic these are characteristics I personally would not trade. you seem to have a good awareness of your struggles and a good idea on how to handle it, that’s the most important part

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