22 Week Update

22 Week Bump!

I’ve been wondering if the baby inside me has a sick pleasure for poking their big toe into my belly button from the inside.

Seriously. ;D

Anybody else have squeamish feelings about being kicked? This kid is awesome, but my belly button is a ticklish spot, so whenever they nudge me I keep picturing this cackling little newborn twisting their piggies into my belly wall. Yup, this child is definitely my husband’s, hehe.

But don’t get me wrong, at all — it has been by far my favorite aspect of pregnancy, and blows my mind everyday.

So let’s hop to it! Here’s the breakdown of week 22, for me:


As usual… Not a whole lot. I’m pretty sure I’m losing energy much faster than before (unlike the textbooks, I was a rocket ship in the first trimester – apparently you’re supposed to be tired?) and I’ve found that my lower abdomen gets twinges if I haven’t sat long enough or by over doing it… So I’m trying to keep relaxed, even with my daily routine of housework an exercise.

The Crazies

This week has been moderately silent in terms of temperament shifts. No crying, except for one time and it was totally overly dramatic. Obsessive compulsive thoughts have been at a low. I try to distract myself vigorously with cleaning/list making if I start doing a ritual (sounds funny, but it’s horribly exausting… Look it up if you aren’t familiar with OCD) but that hasn’t happened too much this week… Which is great!

Baby’s Development

Apparently my little bubbie is 11 in inches long and a total pound… Whoo hoo! They can still hear us, and from what I’ve seen/read they can swallow fluid and touch their face (saw this in our ultrasound… Very darling). Their skin is getting thicker and fat is starting to lay down! Which is awesome, because I certainly don’t want a skinny baby. I’ve discovered that he/she prefers to lay on the left side of my uterus — cue an “AHA! I see you, baby” moment in the bathtub — and I just have to tell you, that is WEIRD. We really are wonderfully made, I mean come on, I could see LIFE laying inside of me from the OUTSIDE! Coolio.

If you’ve been pregnant, please share your fondest memory of Week 22 below — or a second trimester memory.


5 thoughts on “22 Week Update

      • It’s a hard illness and you never get it until you live it. My oldest is 13 my youngest is almost 5 the middle boy is 8. I’m an old hand at the parenting thing. Now I just got to get a better handle on this bipolar thing. I got a good grip but my son is starting to show signs so it time to kick up the learning to keep him squared away.

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